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blue card germany processing time

It is aimed at highly skilled workers. The validity of an ICT Card depends on the employment position that you hold. Follow the below process. However, the latter requirements do not apply if the parent holds a Blue Card, a settlement permit or a residence permit for humanitarian purposes. For example, it enables you to obtain the right of permanent residence more quickly. The core regulation of the stay law is addressed by the EU blue card. 11/04/2015 10:21 am ET Updated Nov 04, 2016 Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, Paderborn, Christmas market at Domplatz, in the background Cathedral As an academic or other qualified worker, the EU Blue Card offers you a faster and easier access to become part of the German labor market and lifestyle - a qualified diploma and a required minimum salary … The processing time for a Germany long-stay work visa may take from one to three months from the application day. Only Member States of the EU can issue EU Blue Cards - you can find the links to the official national websites in these pages. The EU Blue Card in Germany is a residence permit with enhanced conditions for highly qualified migrants and their spouses. After getting the EU Blue Card, if you are duty-bound to leave Germany for a long time or for a lifetime, then there are a few restrictions. 262. Well, it depends on the location of the Job Offer, States where there is a huge demand for Professionals get quicker than the big cities. Does anyone knows how long it … Germany simplified the process for skilled immigrants from outside of Europe and introduced a “Blue Card Germany”, effectively granting entry to anyone with a university degree and a job offer with a minimum salary of €50,000 to €64,000 a year. Number of Blue Cards issued in 2014. How to Get an EU Blue Card in Germany. With economic powerhouses like Germany, France, and Italy each among the world’s top ten largest economies, attention from outside the European Union continues to grow. If you are only planning to stay short-term, up to three months in a six month period, the visa processing time is from two to 10 days. Arriving in Germany on a Work Visa. Fee (EUR): 80. Posts 2. Is there anyone who applied for the Blue Card and received it recently? 21 months. Then apply for the EU Blue Card whilst you’re in Germany. Top. After you get your German Work Visa, you can freely travel to Germany. Arsal. And for many, obtaining an EU Blue Card is the goal. In these cases a processing time of several months must be expected. Blue Card processing time from within Germany. Every time I phone them they say (In Bearbeitung) they did not inform me about an estimated date ! Also when I called the embassy, they told me that that the least it takes is 4 weeks. This is the official EU Blue Card website of the European Commission. Post by SallyAnn » Fri Sep 07, 2018 10:14 pm Hi, so I submitted a Blue Card work visa via the German consulate in London (where I live and work right now). FYI, you cannot apply for a EU Blue Card outside the EU. The Blue Card is an EU work permit offered by 25 of the 28 Member States to highly-qualified non-EU nationals. Holders of an EU Blue Card can be granted a permanent residence permit (Niederlassungserlaubnis) under facilitated conditions; according to German language proficiency after 33 resp. I had to go through the local procedure by myself with limited German proficiency, but I was fortunate that the German authorities did everything they could to assist me. Unfortunately I got an appointment only in December 1st week of 2018 and my national visa expires on last week of November, 2018. The EU Blue Card is for foreign nationals of non-EU countries who are highly skilled in a profession and want to work in Germany. The EU Blue Card is similar to the temporary residence permit, however, it is only available for a specific group of people such as foreign nationals from non-EU countries who are highly skilled. This application is easier to obtain than for regular employment, as it is often expedited by the employer, but it includes a minimum salary requirement of € 50,800 per year. Blue Card Germany. The processing time depends also on the number of applications the embassy is receiving at the time, as well as your situation. The government filing fees for the EU Blue Card are lowered in 2019 from € 582 to € 285. However, as of 1 January 2018, Germany is still unable to issue Blue Cards for workers that are eligible due to experience. Average blue card processing time when no police information We aim to process 85% of applications within 28 business days, where no further information was required and the person did not have any known police or disciplinary information. According to it, the ICT Cards are valid as follows: Apply link: Apply for a Blue Card in Luxembourg. Beginner. Hi all, I am a non-EU citizen and have lived and worked in Belgium since November 2014 with the work permit B. I have a few questions. The EU Blue Card helps highly-qualified third-country nationals to migrate to Germany permanently. The EU Blue Card is a relatively new type of residency permit, which permits non-EU workers to gain residency without a visa. A dedicated EU Blue Card section was added to the EU Immigration Portal on 7 June 2016. German family reunion visa processing time. Can any one please let me know what is the processing time for a Blue Card for Germany. I was told by the consulate when I was submitting my application at the counter that it would take only 1-2 weeks to process my application. Working in Germany » EU Blue Card » Processing time for Blue card. Those who are more likely to get the EU Blue Card have an IT or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) background. Faster acquisition of a settlement permit: Holders of an EU Blue Card will receive a settlement permit after 33 months in Germany if they have been in highly-qualified employment and paid contributions into a pension fund during this period, and are able to make themselves understood in German on a basic level. Being highly skilled in terms of the EU Blue Card means you have a higher education degree such as a bachelor’s or a master’s degree. Right of residence: As an employee, you have a temporary or permanent residence permit or an EU Blue Card for Germany. The processing time for an ICT card application is 90 days from the application day at most. In particular, the stay law was modified. Salary threshold (EUR): 71946 . National law foresees that the maximum processing time for issuing a Blue Card in Luxembourg is 90 days. But any Blue card holder who got his card in Germany must stay at least for 18 months before leaving for another country. I had the appointment on September 17th (not a renewal, applied for the first time) and I received the letter which includes PIN code last week. the Blue Card gives you the perspective of permanent; Once you’ve decided to go for the EU Blue Card, there’s two ways to get it: You may apply for it at the German embassy/consulate in your own country. ICT Card Validity. Validity period: 24. Demo's and Resources. The same applies to your family members if their residence permit is tied to your Blue Card. I am working in Germany for 4 months with national visa and currently in process of applying for an EU Blue card. More information on migrating to Luxembourg. The EU- regulations concerning the blue card will be valid in Germany as a part of the German law from the 1 st August 2012, through the law for reaction of the high- qualification –outline of the European Union. 1. The constraints depend on the nation’s bylaws and construal of the EU decree. If you have a university degree you can get an EU Blue Card to enable you to work in Germany. Although I started my work at Nov 2014, my residence permit has been initiated 2 months later, as from Jan 2015 (due to the processing time). The processing time mentioned in the German Consulate in London states 2 to 3 weeks for a work permit but it doesnot mention anything for a blue card. The Ausländeramt said there are not earlier available appointments. May 27th 2016, 12:19pm. Blue Card application processing time - when you have conflicting advice. However, it is estimated that most countries process the applications between two to five weeks. You can find tips on finding accommodation in our section on Living in Germany. There is nothing called as German Blue Card, it is EU Blue Card, which can be applied in Germany. The Blue Card TtT program offers FD's with incredible, turn-key resources that will help implement a comprehensive, local command training program at a fraction of the costs it would take a FD to produce the material/ program themselves. The fee for the dependent partner to stay with the EU Blue Card holder is raised per 1 January 2019 from € 240 to € 271. As of 1 January 2014, Germany had given out 7,000 Blue Cards. I am really confused now Thanks in advance. Accommodation: You have rented accommodation in Germany which is large enough for your family. Please note: The Blue Card will expire if you leave Germany for more than 12 months. Then is it Nov 2019 or Jan 2020 when I fulfill my 5 years residence in Belgium? Our forum is the right place for exchanging info, searching for help or helping others. 4,000 of these were given to foreigners who were already living in Germany. 1; Processing time for Blue card. Holders of an EU Blue Card may stay outside Germany for up to twelve months without losing entitlement to an EU Blue Card. Luxembourg Ministry for Labour, Employment and Social and Solidarity Economy. Info about Visa, work permit, integration, alien office, Germany, Embassy, bluecard, blue card, job, employer change and other German problems and advantages. I want to add that I have (unbefristet Vertrag) and I hold a master degree from Germany. The Requirements for an EU Blue card are significant and it’s certainly not a quick or easy solution to residency. Read more. As of July 2013, Blue Card applications and applications with a “BA-Vorabprüfung” (Approval by the Federal Employment Agency) can – under certain circumstances - be directly decided by the German Missions, resulting in a processing time of approximately ten days. In some cases long-term visa cannot be issued without the approval of the competent Aliens’ Office in Germany (§31 AufenthVO); the visa can therefore only be issued when the Embassy has received the approval. A certain minimum salary is necessary for this. Any idea as what is the processing time once you had an appointment and submit all the documents along with the fee? Alternatively, you can come to Germany on a tourist/ other kind of visa. I applied on 28.08.2017, I am an Engineer, hold the blue card for 2 years so far, I have B1 exam done in 2015. Highly skilled employees means that they have completed a higher education degree such as a bachelor’s or a master’s degree. The EU Blue Card Germany enables university graduates (or comparable qualification) from non-EU countries to receive a residence title for the purpose of employment. Other websites on the EU Blue Card may contain incorrect information or charge for their services, and they cannot issue EU Blue Cards. Obtaining the Blue Card was quite challenging for me as I arrived in Germany during the Christmas period and most HR experts with knowledge of the Blue Card were unavailable. Hello, Is there anyone who has just received the blue card in 2016? The EU Blue Card has several advantages compared with a residence permit for the purpose of employment. The government fee for the renewal application of the EU Blue Card is also €285.

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